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I'm Back Bitches

I'm back bitches. It's been a sleep or two since I've been in your ear, but here I am. A lovely reminder that I am alive and well. Infact, possibly doing better than I ever have. A lot of things have happen since my last post, almost 2 years ago.... I know... What the fuck was up with that hiatus? So let me catch you up on a few of the highlights.
First, this hamburger found her helper! That's right, the lady who was picking out puff paint colors for her DIY cat lady sweatshirt has officially checked into " 'til death do us part." Here's the fucking mind blow, he was a wiling participant! I know, crazy to think that the stench of hot mess was able to land a significant other. Not only did I land one, he is friggin HOT. Lady boner status. This guy isn't just a hot piece of ass either. No, no... Ladies, this man straight up is a change the game, flip the switch, praise the lawd, kind of man. He enjoys doing the dishes, he doesn't mind taking my…

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